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Tim Baker

I'm a Victoria based Full Stack Software Engineer, currently working at Instant Domains helping build a modern, mobile-first, domain registrar and site builder.

In my free time time, you can catch me training in Muay Thai, plucking my banjo, or exploring beautiful Vancouver Island.

I am an athlete at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit, a knack for online security, and a passion for coding. Born in a small town in Northern BC, I made my move to Victoria where I work as a full stack developer for Instant Domains, alongside my many ongoing projects. Outside of work I am an avid motorcyclist, soccer player and Muay Thai fighter. I love to travel and lead a fairly nomadic lifestyle. I built much of my early portfolio from beaches of Southeast Asia and dream of taking my work with me while traveling the world.

  • Location:Victoria, BC
  • Age:29
  • Nationality:Canadian / Irish
  • Interests:Motorcycles, Muay Thai, Banjos
  • Study:University of Victoria
  • Employment:Instant Domains, inc.

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  • 2014 - 2018University of Victoria

    Bachelor of Computer Science

    Under the recommendation and Guidance of the Head Coach of the UVIC soccer team, I transferred to the University of Victoria. Here I took my Bachelors of Computer Science with a Software Engineering Specialty and achieved a much more thorough education in the underlying theory, concepts, and science behind more complex programming. It was here that I discovered my passion for scalable application programming (web and mobile), the security behind computer and application systems, and found that I have a knack for understanding complex algorithms.

  • 2011 - 2013Grande Prairie Regional College

    Computer Systems Technology Diploma

    I attended GPRC for my first 2 years of post-secondary on a scholarship for the college soccer team. While here, I studied Computer Systems Technology, a 2 year lead-in to a Bachelors of Computer Science. This was a very hands-on experience focused more on building projects than general theory. Here I built database structures for fictional companies, created small video games, hand-coded Space Invaders from scratch in Assembly Language, built and coded an Arduino Robot to navigate obstacle courses, a lot of Java and C++ programming for data structures, and much more.


  • 2022 - PresentInstant Domains, Inc.

    Software Engineer

    I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Instant Domains, Inc. We are a Y-Combinator backed startup building a modern, mobile-first domain registrar and site builder. Here I'm responsible for building the core technologies and features to allow our users to find and buy a domain, launch a fully configured site, and begin collecting revenue with less effort than creating a social media profile.

    • Frontend: React/Typescript + Next.js, GraphQL/Relay, TailwindCss
    • Backend: Rust, Postgres, Async-GraphQL
  • 2020 - 2022Instant Domain Search

    Software Engineer

    At Instant Domain Search we help you find the perfect domain name faster than anywhere else. I was brought on as an early hire here to help take an application that had seen enormous and steady organic growth and give it the boost it deserved.

    • Frontend: React/Typescript + Gatsby –> Next.js, LinariaCSS –> TailwindCss
    • Backend: Golang –> Rust, Python
  • 2017 - 2020Shop Your Own Mortgage

    Full Stack Software Engineer

    For most of my time at Shop Your Own Mortgage, I have worked as a Full Stack Software Engineer. Here I have had the chance to dig in and get my hands dirty with all parts of our software. I have worked with our legacy PHP backend, as well as built new node-based servers for new products. As well, I led the development of V2 of our mobile application written in React Native. I have worked extensively with React/Redux as well as with react hooks.

    More recently, I have been given the opportunity to lead our cybersecurity initiative. As part of our partnership with a number of 3rd parties and our planned expansion into Europe, the need to tighten security and bring our technology up to certain compliance standards has become evident. It is my job to bring us into alignment with these, as well as hardening our security stance as a whole.

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